I’ve been around animals all of my life, and an animal advocate for most of it.  I believe that animals, all animals, deserve respect and compassion.  Unfortunately, at this point I have to believe that they still need our protection too.  Things are changing, though not quickly enough if you ask any animal lover.  My goal in creating this blog is to participate and help to create the changes, to help our attitudes towards animals evolve to the point of total respect and to constantly raise awareness.  And always, it is to hopefully encourage empathy for animals, to remind people (actually beg) to put themselves in the animals’ place, to experience their actions towards animals through the animals’ perspective.  Although I’m not currently connected to any specific rescue organization, I’ve been involved in animal rescue in one way or another for years.  I always consider myself a part of it, and certainly am an advocate for animal adoption.  I myself am currently the caretaker of one rescued dog, Clancy, and six abandoned cats who each found their way into my back yard and now my home and my heart.  These animals, and so many others, are the constant impetus for my passion for animals and rescue, fueled by my sadness for those homeless and/or abused animals, fueled by my anger for the ignorant and emotionally detached people that are capable of abandoning and harming animals in any way.  Thank you for being here and for  your interest in helping those who cannot help, or speak for, themselves.


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